AMFITRITI II is a working partnership of organisations in Greece, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom who are committed to creating environments through training and the use of new technology, which encourage the development and creation of women entreprenuers in small business.

This transnational partnership offers women:

To learn more about the trainees of each individual project click on the country's name in the first column of the table below. To learn more about the national project of each country, click the name of it in the second column of that table.


National Project

greece_gs.gif (8063 bytes) Greece AMFITRITI II
italy_gs.gif (6425 bytes) Italy Connecting Peripheral Women - CPW
portugal_gs.gif (6232 bytes) Portugal ???????
unitedkingdom_gs.gif (8262 bytes) United Kingdom AMFITRITI II (S.E.T.T)